History of Mayantoc


               The first settlers of Mayantoc before the coming of Christian migrants were the negritos of the Abiling tribe. As the former arrived in great numbers, the native were soon forced to move deeper into the forest areas of the Zambales mountain range.

The Christian settlers, mostly from the Ilocos region notably the town of Cabugao, Tagudin, Sarrat, Paoay, Sinait and Bacarra settled in villages in the southern portion of then thriving Christian town Camiling, acknowledge as the mother town of Mayantoc. These villages later formed the Barangay of Mayantoc under the Township of Camiling. The place was still a forested areas where there was abundant of Rattan, a palm known by visitor traders “ Yantoc”, so that in time the Barangay known as the place” Na Maraming Yantoc” which means later “ Ma-Yantoc”, As the Baranggay progressed and grow in the size and population, The  inhabitants retained “ MAYANTOC” as it’s official name.

In an effort to convert the barangay of Mayantoc into Town, a petition signed by the inhabitants led by Don Fransisco P. Santos, Don Adriano Tolentino, the Asuncion, Tomas, De Vera, Malong, Pablo, Dela Cruz, Bautista, Pobre families and others with attached documents of several parcel of lands donated by    Don Francisco P. Santos and wife Donia Ana Verzosa for the proposed school, market, plaza and town hall sites was sent to the proper authorities in December 23,1916.

There were many others who helped in the birth of the new Town; Governor Gardner and Representative Luis Morales were among those people. Don Sergio Osmena, the speaker of house of representative also helped in the granting of the peoples petition. Then the American Governor General Francisco Burton Harrison promulgated Executive Order No. 96 declaring Mayantoc a separate town from Camiling and the New town was inaugurated in January 17,1917. Don Manuel de Leon, then Governor of Tarlac pronince appointed Castillan Antonio Sanz, as the town first Municipal President. Sanz autocratic in Spanish ways stayed in the office for only six months. Apetition that led to Sanz ouster was signed by Don Antonio Malong, Miguel Celebrados and other municipal councilors.

As soon as the provincial board of Tarlac received the petition, Antonio Sanz was unseated. He was succeeded by the Vice President, the aforesaid philanthropist, Don Francisco Santos Pascual .  That same year, an election was held. Don Francisco P. Santos came out as the first elected Municipal President of the Town of Mayantoc.

The question of leadership having been popularly decided, the townspeople took the task of building the physical facilities of the community. The problem of a presentable Presidencia came up. But the municipal government was very poor. Bridges and roads were urgently needed. Canals along the roads of the town, especiallyaround the plaza, needed digging. There were plenty problems, while out of  resources. But the people were there, imbued with pioneering spirit, cooperative and loyal to the leadership. And the people finally came up with whatever material they could scrape up and freely gave their time and labor on the different projects of the new town.

Don Adriano Tolentino. donated his house to served as the Municipio and the house stood as a monument of the generous pioneers of the early days of Mayantoc.

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