Mayantoc "the Summer Capital of Tarlac ,"


The Summer Capital of Tarlac


Mayantoc land area comprises mostly of beautiful mountains, valleys and ocean like rice fields. The clear and clean water of beautiful rivers and stream rushing down from the Magsaysay Dam and the Water Falls of Barangay San Jose is inviting you to experience the tranquility and beauty . Most of the Barangays  is still away from pollution. The air you breath is so clean.  You could fell the difference when you breath fresh air produced by the Rain Forest of Mayantoc and  Zambales Mountains. The modern civilization is fast growing and the preservation of it's natural beauty must be prioritized.

Mayantoc is the little Baguio of the Philippines. That is why it's called the Summer Capital of Tarlac( By Ric )



        Entering Mayantoc today, a visitor to the town is greeted by a huge concrete billboard proclaiming "Welcome Mayantoc, the Summer Capital of Tarlac."

      The title has basis, in fact, as a local teacher has written: "On the northwestern tip of Tarlac has a vast emerald stretch of plains, valleys and hills.   Mayantoc, the picnickers paradise"...and a land traversed by sparkling streams and rivers, ringed by a rugged splendor of towering mountains. The poblacion itself offer much to the discerning eye. The first thing that catches the visitors attention upon entering the town is the municipio (Town Hall), the seat of the municipal leadership is on a hill crest over-vista of serene and imposing rustic beauty. The northern hillside sloping from the municipio is the "Governor Aquino Park" a well tended acreage with ornamental hedges, flowering plants and playground facilities. Shade trees afford park visitors welcome respite from the heat of the sun.
One looks down from the park to the town plaza, a spacious enough to hold the affairs with a bandstand and throne and the scene of countless civic, social, religious or political gatherings. And as if in constant watch over the affairs of the towns people, the two churches, Catholic and Aglipayan stand one behind the other at the rear fence of the public plaza, facing the town hall. Other Mayantoc institutions are clustered arounf the area; the puericulture center, public market, open tennis court, covered backetball court, Don Francisco P. Santos Memorial Auditorium, among others.

From any point of Governor Aquino Park, one looks upon a vista of unspoiled rustic beauty, panorama of rolling areas of farmlands and gently contoured hills dipping in to unseen valleys and the lush growth of varied vegetation by which one can trace the meandering course of streams, rivers and irrigation canals. And in the distance loom is the silence peak of Zambales mountain ranges, forests and cloud capped or sharply etched against the azure dome of the sky. The mountain stand in an unbroken and craggy line from the south-west to the northeast, awesome in their bulk, imposing in their silence, seeming guardians to the plains, valleys and hamlets huddled in their shadows.

Speak of Mayantoc and you bring to mind the picture of the Magsaysay Dam in Barangay Nambalan for the southwest from the town proper. The dam site in Nambalan is truly made of idylls. Indeed, there one finds himself transported to another world, a world removed from frenzy and din of town life.

From more venturesome, the mountains and the forest pose a challenge. The wild-life is there for them to hunt for leisure. And for those of tamer and more aesthetic bent, the flora of the area offer hours of enchantment for those who merrily seek in generous help.

Mayantoc is not a rich town, materially. The wealth lies in its natural endowment and beauty. The people raise enough food for their needs and a little more. Some of them own cattles because the area has extensive grazing lands. Nowadays, almost all roads going to the barangays are concreted, have electricity, and some have water systems connected to the residential houses.

Hospitality, like natural beauty is never found wanting in Mayantoc, the "Summer Capital of Tarlac".

That is why Filipinos all over the world are coming back to their small hometown called Mayantoc because of its unfading beauty and tradition that the townpeople celebrating every year, their Mayantoc Town Fiesta.

 ( Source Mayantoc Association of Hawaii By Jenny )


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