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Cyber World  Mayantocquenians International


The "Mayantocquenians International"  Group of Filipino's from Mayantoc, Tarlac, Philippines  working all aver the world. A  Non Profit   known throughout for the wonderful whimsy works, display of care, value of help and the joy of giving. The brilliant idea and unselfishness opens the inner glow of compassion to  the  heart of the other people of finest caliber. With the inner charm of there spirit, a tremendous energy connects this people, resulted in the creation of this organization.

Simple reasons to become a member:

1. Must be computer literate 2. Have a strong desire to promote love and peace to the world regardless of race, nationality  and religion 3. Have the high ability to recognize what is really right and wrong 4. Have the ability of listening with an open mind and fairness 5. Must be of GOOD moral character 6. Have the ability to speak out for the truth and explain to others. 7. Trustworthiness, Courtesy , Politeness, Honesty and understanding is an obligation we emphasize to all our members.

Things that we don't tolerate :

A, It's not allowed to talk about other people life and privacy B. It's not allowed to spread rumors and gossip  trying to bring other people down while falsely building yourself up. What are the Benefits of Joining: A, We will help you publish your Photo's, Link your  websites and agenda's where ever you are in any part of the world as long as you have email. B, You can write story about yourself your location and other experiences abroad and at Home in the Philippines .



Mayantoc International E group  This Group is not limited to single group or association. Its for all every one who like to join preferably to all my Kababayan  at Home in the Philippines or to any part of the Globe, We have created this interactive  connection to connect each member. Only members can view group content, Only members know the other members. Anyone can join, members can create and edit pages, members can upload files, anyone can post but  hold messages from non members for moderation, members and  managers can invite new members, messages are delivered directly. You have to sign in to enter to get in. There is privacy and it is not viewed publicly not unless the settings is change otherwise. Confidential Photo's is only viewed by members. You can Send email to this group: mayantoc-international@googlegroups.com  Question?  What is Mayantoc International E Group?  Send email to the Group creator . If you want to be a member please let us know send us an email. This is Free no membership Fee and it would be Posted to the Top Ranking Search Engine . Like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other. We created this interactive connections thru the advice of our loving Kababayan. LT Col Ferdinand Bong Razalan. One of the Adviser of the Mayantocquenians International.

Founder Ric Mangrobang


Lt Col Ferdinand Bong Razalan

Engineer Edgar Quinez

Mr.Anthony Velicaria 


Ric Mangrobang Hawaii USA

Ferdinand Bong Razalan  Philippines and USA

Anthony Velicaria  Mayantoc Philippines

Edgar Quinez  Manila Philippines

Mar Razalan  Mayantoc Philippines

Jim Lanuza Hawaii USA

Lito Salum  Makati Philippines; I am also a graduate from PLM as an ecomists and im the SSC president of my batch MHS Batch 2000. Now working as a US Accounts Supervisor in a call center at New York Telecon 9based NY City main office)

Josie Felipe Leaban  Germany

Romeo Mangrobang  California USA

Zenaida Mangrobang Balingit  California USA

Mel  Mangrobang  Hawaii USA

Flo Mangrobang Balingit  California USA

Eliza Mangrobang  Dubai Manila Philippines

Susan Esteban Oslo Norway

Melody Esteban   Oslo Norway 

Merscy Mangrobang  Hawaii USA

Eufemia Felipe Trabant   Germany

Gil (Virgilio) Manganaan   Sacramento California

Cita Mangrobang Cabungan  Hidden Paradise Resort Philippines

Jessie Catubig  California USA

Jessie Cabungan  Hidden Paradise Resort Philippines

Gemma Gutierrez  Julio,  Hawaii

Chris Mangrobang  Hawaii

Mel Mangrobang Hawaii

About the Advisers :

Ferdinand Bong Sana Razalan

Lieutenant Colonel   Phil Army

I'm a native Mayantoc, having born and raised in Mamonit all throughout my childhood days. I attended my elementary in that then sleepy community and pursued my HS at Tarlac Cllege of Agriculture- Science High School graduating in 1983. Ambitious and young at that time, I pursued an engineering course at SLU right after summer of 1983. However, when opportunity and maybe "calling", as others say, knocked at my very door, I found my way, 01 April 1984, southward, along winding road  to PMA . Four years later, I graduated and subsequently experienced my  baptismal of fire, at the age of 21, at a remote place in Aurora Province, at the height of Insurgency Campaign not only in Central Luzon but almost elsewhere in the Philippine Archipelago. I traveled abroad, to Australia, Malaysia and in the US, officially and unofficially while I am serving in the Army. Basically, I have had rewarding experience in the infantry while at time specializing in Operations, Training, Intelligence and Civil-Military Operations. During my stint in the military, roughly 20 years, I had facilitated various civic activities and  other military non-traditional roles benefiting our constituents in Mayantoc. Among these are the free CIVIC activities in Brgy Pitombayog (in 2004) and in Mamunit and Mapandan (2005) and in Labney (2006)- bringing there the GMA Kapuso Foundation, which I facilitated  when I was the Deputy for Intelligence at NOLCOM. Before my plane took of NAIA for  America in 2005, to spend a much awaited vacation, a break  from my rigorous tour of duty also as the Chief of Anti-Terrorism in the whole of Central and Northern Luzon. I called up the Mayor. Tito G Razalan to prepare, usher technical inspectors from the Philippine Army  who will inspect the venues of impending projects in PLQ and in San Bartolome, both K4K projects under the auspices of the Office of the President of the Philippines, which both I personally handpicked from the list of previously-cleared brgys, presented to the board (in NOLCOM) which I once chaired which unanimously approved. According to the members, "so be it, the guy from the place speaks". All these projects are on progress, near completion. Right now, am spending a vacation with my family here in California and I hope to be back to the Philippines, to the ARMY, to be specific for  higher or more responsibility not only through war fighting, but for civic activities uplifting the plight of the needy people, especially in Mayantoc, to the best I could. My  civic-mindedness, I believed, is inspired by my childhood experience, as well as my  affiliation with organizations that caters to the needs of the impoverished people, not only economically but socially, as well. I'm a member of the Free and Accepted Masonry of the Philippines  (CPA Memorial Lodge, RIIIG-Brgy Baras-Baras, Tarlac City), opens every 1st Saturday of the month and  Rotary Club of Tarlac Metro which meet every Thursday night at the function hall of La Maja Rica Hotel, also in Tarlac City. That's for now and I hope my credentials merit your standard into allowing me to be one of the members of the association

Anthony P. Velicaria, Pob. Sur, Mayantoc, Tarlac. Former school head of Pedro L. Quines Elementary School . Now  the Principal of Pindangan Second Elementary School  in Camiling Central District, Camiling, Tarlac. PHILIPPINES

Engineer Edgar S. Quines, He is a product of Pitombayog National High school. Graduated  Engineering at the University of Sto. Tomas with honors. Pass the Engineers Board Exam with honors, He is now presently connected at AdU, Pamantasan, SJC and AIMS as a college Professor and Adviser of the Mayantoquenians International.  PHILIPPINES

Eufemia Felipe Trabandt of Germany 

Hi! here is our latest photo taken this Christmas 2007. Sorry for the delay, sometimes I think I don't want to send my photo me and Juergen are gaining our weigth. Any way we are trying to reduce . The children are having good figure while they are having their regurlar sport, they are members of the sport club.Once more thank for your greetings, and wishing you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Your cousins, and nieces, Peniang, Juergen, Vivi &Chrissy.



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