PM Checklist Stryker Stretcher Model SM 204 Scale is Optional


 All Fasteners Secure


 Side rails move and latch properly


 Engage brake pedal and push on the Stretcher to ensure caster locks properly


 All casters secure and swivel properly


 Body Restraint working properly


 I.V. pole intact and working Properly


 Oxygen bottle holder intact and working properly


 Fowler operating and latching properly


 knee Gatch operating properly (optional equipment)


 Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg operating properly


 No rips or cracks on mattress cover


 Ground Chain intact


 No leaks at hydraulic connections


Hydraulic jack holding properly


Hydraulic drop rate set properly


Hydraulic oil sufficient


 Lubricate where required


 Accessories and mounting hardware in good condition and working properly


 No cable worn or Pinched ( optional Scale system)


 All electrical connections tight ( optional Scale system)


All grounds secure to the frame ( optional Scale system)


 Batteries sufficiently Charged  ( optional Scale system)


 Display housing intact and not damaged ( optional Scale system)


 Display label intact and not damaged ( optional Scale system)


 Load cell intact and not damaged  ( optional Scale system)


 Scale calibrated properly. Recalibrate, if necessary (optional Scale system)


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 Model Number

Serial Number


C= Clean O= Okey
A=Adjust L= Lube
R= Repair or Adjust NA=Not Applicable

By; Ric Mangrobang