QMC Preventive Maintenance and Equipment Monitoring Performance

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  QET 10 Ewa


        Sample Only.  Ricky's Advance Maintenance System Comprehensive and Interactive. 

Tower 10 LD  


  QET 9 Ewa QET 9 DH      
Pauahi QET 8 Ewa QET 8 DH        
Pauahi 7 QET 7 Ewa QET 7 DH        
Pauahi 6 QET 6 Ewa




Pauahi 5 QET 5 Ewa QET 5 DH Nalani   Roof   Offices Kinau Kamehameha
Pauahi 4 QET 4 Ewa

PM QET 4 M & C


Main Laboratory Blood Bank Pathology Iolani 4 Kinau 4 Offices Kidney Stone Center   KAM 4 Offices
Pauahi 3 Heart Center QET # 3 OR PACU Tower 3  HICU Nalani 3 Cardiac Invasive Recovery Iolani 3 Heart Center Kinau 3 Offices        KAM 3    Surgery Center
Pauahi 2 Dialysis Receiving CPD CPD Main Kitchen Nalani 2 Oncology Social Works Physical Therapy  Iolani 2   Kinau 2 Pharmacy Kam2 Family Treatment
ER   MRI Imaging Nuclear Med Admitting Financial  Pharmacy Medical Records Kinau 1  Cancer Center Auditorium Sleep Lab Pulmonary Offices
Pauahi G  SDS   QET G   Queen Emma Clinic Telecom Tower  G Outpatient Center      Nalani G   Women's  Health   Dental Clinic  Security  Surplus Storage         Naiea


  Blue is Previously Updated Information   5/2/2008
  Brown or Grey : Working under Construction 5/2/0208
  Black: Consolidating All the Information under Construction 5/2/2008
   Red is Current Updated Information 3/20/2009

PM Checklist of all QMC Equipment: The link below are the recommended procedure checklist given by the manufacturers from every equipment manual. The checklist procedure is copied exactly, however the hard copy of the Preventive Maintenance and Performance Log was modified to a more effective way to our troubleshooting needs.

1, PM Checklist for Stryker Bed with Zoom    

2, PM Checklist for Stryker Bed Med/Surg No Zoom 

3, PM Checklist Stryker Stretcher Model SM 204 

4, PM Checklist Transport Stryker Stretcher Model ST 104

5, PM Checklist Affinity Birthing Bed

6, PM Checklist OB GYN Stretcher

7, PM Checklist Hillrom Model 1130, 1135

8, PM Hillrom Transtar Stretcher

9, PM Checklist Midmark Exam Tables

10, PM Checklist Ritter Exam Tables

11, PM Checklist Amsco Surgical Tables

12, PM Checklist  OSI Fracture Tables

13, PM Checklist Steris Eye Gurney

14, PM Checklist Hill Adjustable Exam Table

15, PM Checklist Hausman Exam table

 (Stryker Stretchers )




Stryker Repair Scene Video Slides

Courtesy of: Ric Mangrobang

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