The "Ricardo Mangrobang Scholarship Foundation of America"  is a non profit Foundation designed to help the kids in the Philippines specially those from  Pitombayog or Pedro L. Quenez, Mayantoc, Tarlac, Philippines  Click here to get Application Form . The kids are chosen base on their scholastic achievements and financial status with the recommendation of the student  teacher and or the school principal. A copy of the Last Report Card. at this time the Foundation have Four recipient . One from Pitombayog High School and one from Glory Dei Montessori Elementary School Two fro PLQ Elementary School.


THIS IS ONE OF THE LETTER OF THE SCHOLAR RECIPIENT. Along with her application is her report card a Letter of Recommendation from the  Principal and Teacher.

 My name is Jazel , Naigan, im 14 yrs old. I was born on April 1990. I am studying in Pitombayog High School. My favorite subject are English, Science, and Math, I spend my time in reading books, playing badminton and doing my obligations. I Believe in the motto 'education is the key to success'.  My parents are Mr.Aurelio Naigan and Mrs.Marivic Dades. They are both farmer. I am eldest among five children's. I am dreaming to become a successful nurse someday. I am now 3rd year high school. And I'm running for second honor. I live in Brgy. Pedro L. Quines, Mayantoc, Tarlac. I graduated elementary in Mayantoc Central elementary school. I already suffered many challenges in my life especially when I'm in elementary because almost every month I am sick, lack of nutrition but I believe that JESUS is not sleeping He's the medicine of all kind of illness. I strengthened my mind and begun a new life. Now, I don't know if my dream will comes true because were so poor. But they said that 'SIPAG at TIYAGA lamang. So, maybe all I need to do is to concentrate in studying. And I'm hoping that there will be a good person who will help me.

We are the reason.


   Love, is the reason why the Foundation wanted to help this indigent people. A HELP of $100,  $400 up to $500 or even up to $1,000.00 in one year doesn't make a big difference in my life in the USA. It won't make me Rich or Poor,  But to this kids in the Philippines, This amount of money make a very Big Difference !!! A BIG  CHANGE  in the direction of there LIFE AND FUTURE.

All the recipient of this scholarship are also given a work during the week end, to earn and learn more. Working at the Hidden Paradise Resort helps in the development of there skill, and ability to help run a business.  Just maybe someday, The kids of tomorrow don't need to go to a very distant place to work as a Domestic Helper after College.

There's a lot of Children who needed a help all over the World.

Aloha  This website is a simple product of love, It should served as an inspiration to the kids back home. That poverty is not a hindrance for success but use it as a tool to make your desire stronger. I dedicate  my life story to inspire the less fortunate to pursue for a better future. All expenses and effort is all love. I am not involved in any monetary solicitations of any associations. HELPING is good, but please make sure your money goes to the right hands. TRUST IS GOOD, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL. Just remember that no matter what they say gossip or tsismis, I'll still and always love you all.   Ricardo Mangrobang

animated planeFly high to any part of the world to catch my next ship. My Final destination is Hawaii. The paradise Island of Aloha.

1976-1979   M.V. GOODVIEW    HAMBURG    GEN. CARGO
1981-1982   M.S, HALLDOR   JAPAN  GEN. CARGO
MT Thoraiia MV Good View MT Hassan B  MS Halldor  MS Hallvard


    When I look back from the very remote country side of Pitombayog Sitio Bariwawa, Katipunan or so,  I come to look back to the old days. When I was a very young boy who dreamt of luxury and wealth, I struggled very hard to overcome the creeping poverty and lack of education, which was a problem to every child in that very remote country side of Mayantoc.

    As a normal young teenager I also fall in love with the beautiful girls of the Philippines, but because of poverty those girls were just a dream - no matter how much I loved them- my mind was set to leave for a better life.

    Life in college was a bitter struggle, with very limited money.  The struggle was so intense my body almost gave up, but my mind was very strong with its longing for success.

    After college I joined the Merchant Marine in 1974 and traveled to so many parts of the world. In this journey of life, I encountered so many happy and sad experiences.

    M.V. Lavander, was my first ship from 1974-1975. I was 20 years old, fresh from college, graduated with a Degree in Marine Engineering, and employed as an Apprentice Engineer. The ship was a general cargo, lumber and log ship. I took my ship to Hong Kong, which was my home port.

    There was a lot of Filipino women working as domestic helpers. Like me, they were also trying to escape the hard life where they came from. During Wednesday and Sunday we got together in the Park. We would go for a picnic and dancing in the Stella Maries Seaman's Club. And more,,,,,???

Our ship sail for Manila our port of entry to the Philippines. We load hundred and thousand of tons of Lumber and logs from Manila, Davao, Cotabato, Abulog cagayan and other small ports around Philipines. After 3 to 4 months of loading the very big ship we start sailing bound for Europe. Our first stop is Singapore, for Bunkering or refueling for the long trip. Then proceed to the Indian ocean towards Europe after half month of navigation the first land we approach is the middle east, Passing Arabian Gulf and Red Sea we finally come to the entrance of the Suez Canal. Because the canal is so narrow during those years . The ship will go with a convoy. In the starboard and Portside of the ship you can see remnants of war equipment destroyed during the war of Egypt and Israel. Out from Suez Canal is the Mediterranean Sea after few days here comes  the Port of Gibraltar, a narrow out passage to the Atlantic Ocean on the Portside is Morocco and the Starboard side is Spain, Our first unloading port Barcelona, Tarragona and Cartahena in Spain, Then to Burdeaux France, Italy, Antwerp etc.,,, and all other ports of Europe.

The "Free and Hanseatic City” of Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest metropolis with one of Europe’s biggest ports. Elegant and cosmopolitan, Hamburg is now a city of palatial office buildings, magnificent promenades, international musicals, extravagant shopping malls – and the famous Reeperbahn and St. Pauli. The magical aura of faraway places is still alive in the old warehouse quarter and the little canals. Hamburg is also Germany’s greenest city, with many spacious lawns and lovely parks

After 2 months of unloading ,We begin Loading again Cargos as per telex of the Company. , In France our New cargo is raw materials for Oil and Grease. In Spain is Rocks Raw materials for Steel . In Russia is cement. We keep Loading up the Big ship in so many Countries in Europe. In our way home to Hong Kong, We discharge cargo to Saudi Arabia. Malaysia, Singapore then Japan and back to Hong Kong. It would be almost or one year to be back again in the home port.


My first passage to the Suez canal was 1974 few years just after the war of Israel and Egypt. At that time the canal was newly open after a extensive cleanup on mines and other war related debris. Some Egyptian Traders come aboard our ship and sell any kind of items. Like the statue of Cleopatra made of bronze from melted bullets from the war. At that time the canal was so narrow and most of the bigger ships like the super tankers are not allowed yet to pass thru. I could see from my ship some pyramids and destroyed Houses. The name of my Ship at that Time is MV LAVANDER. Routing Asia to Europe.

Athens, the spectacular capital city of Greece, is home to over one third of the Greek population. The capital city since 1834, the total land area of Athens is around 250 square miles (340 square kilometers). Athens is one of the most vibrant and dazzling cities in Europe and its unique blend of old and new has made it a popular destination for both business and leisure. Athens is one of the few places on earth that can boast a history of over 5000 years

Acropolis located at Athens Greece, This is one of the Historical tourist attraction.

M.V. GOOD VIEW  My second Ship 1976-1979  MORE TO COME ????

I spend Five long years along the coast of Europe. Greece, Italy, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Norway to the Black sea Istanbul Turkey to Russia and Middle East and all along the other countries in that region.

   After getting bored in Europe I decided to get a route to Asia, America, and the Middle East. Travel all over with a plan to save money, Get married and Have a Family. At the Smoke stock of MT Hassan B


(After so many  Test and Board Exam very slowly My Goal had been achieved, Life evolve and it keep changing as years go by;,,)

1975 Russia is a very nice place for Good time. We have limited money to bring ashore but most of us keep our US Dollar and change it in the black market. Theres is also a curfew, We have to be back at the ship before 12:00 midnight. I have a lot of Good time with  had a very beautiful girlfriend. I was only 22 years old at that time.


In Athens Greece, I attended the Simbang gabi. In the church I saw my town mates and a friend of her. From since we became friends until our ship left for Germany. I enjoy going with them in there appartment. This ladies are midwifes and nurses in Greece.


 I am at Tourist and famous attraction  of Athens Greece. The Home Port of my Ship M.T. Hassan B

After work and duty, I spend my time touring the famous attraction in every country I go. Along with my camera I tried to take some pictures and souvenirs. I know that after this tour of duty it would be very expensive and difficult to see this place again.


From Japan we sail to Mindanao Philippines to load cement at Floro cement.We sail towards United Arabs Emirates. Unload the cement in Sarja. It was Ramadan and month of September. It was so hot more than 100 degrees. No food and No drink during the Day.


1977 This place is the nudist Camp in the Island of Syros in Greece. Our Ship is under repair for one month . Every week end the whole crew of the ship is in the Camp. There is a Disco House close by. Most of the people we've meet was from the other part of Europe.
1977 Every one on the later days meet a girl friend. I was young at heart 22 years old at that time. Girl friend for a Merchant Mariner is where ever and forget after. Drop your anchor in every Port. And hope to come back in this Port again.


Norway My Home Port Saudi Europe Trader

Norway's Fjords Countryside Spirit of the Fjords Polar Tour Artic Circle
Norway's Fjords plus an incredibly scenic drive from Oslo to Bergen along the edge of Telemark, through the Hardanger Vidda - Fjord.  Experience the highlights of Norway with a wonderful mix of scenery and sights. Including stunning fjords, spectacular glaciers, and splendid museums. Norwegian Coastal Voyage (Hurtigrute) Nordic's Grand Sailing Splendors plus our Norway's Fjords and Countryside Program. 

Cruising the PANAMA CANAL


Copy of Bridge of the Americas.jpg (9640 bytes) We are entering from the Pacific side, the first thing one sees is the "Bridge of the Americas." In that area were 60 boats waiting to transverse the canal.  Some would wait for a couple of days before doing so.  Since we had a reservation we would begin our journey through the canal right on time.
Copy of first lock.jpg (15410 bytes)

Approaching the first lock it did not seem that we would fit

We went through two series of locks that raised us 85 feet. It was fascinating to view the ships in the locks ahead of us 27 feet higher than we were.

The locks demonstrated the ingenuity of the U.S. engineers. Each lock is 110 feet wide and 1000 feet long. The water comes in through the force of gravity, there are no pumps.



Copy of grass hut.jpg (9386 bytes) This is the Roughly midway through our transit we entered Gatun Lake, one of the world's largest man-made lakes. The many islands in the lake are actually the tops of hills. People can buy an island, but they can only build a grass hut on it.
The final locks -- Gatun -- had three chambers to lower us 85 feet to sea level. On this end (further west than the Pacific side) we could look down on the ships preceding us through the canal. In our case we had been been playing tag with a cargo ship from Brazil that was carrying a load of copper to Europe.  In this photo you can see how much lower it is in the lock to our right.


 Year 1981, I decided to enter the life of matrimony and married to a beautiful lady in Hawaii. Then back to Sea life.

After I got married  together just for one month, My wife went back to Hawaii, and I went back to my Ship, which at that time, my route is Bangkok Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

This is the  place of Temptation so many Beautiful Girls and Good Time. Because of my Lonesome, like the butterfly,  taste the nectar of every flower that come on my way. And Gosh there's abundant supply and interestingly  getting more.

  My life had evolved slowly. Care less about what happen next. Drink more than usual and Good time more often.

  Those years my wife had been longing to join her in Hawaii. But then my Rank, Prestige and Responsibility as an officer on board  attract more girls. And I got drawn and carried away by that waves of human desire.

 I have decided to stay and went home at  PI. Live like a single unmarried man, then my wife finally came to asked me to go with her Home to Hawaii to join her with my Daughter.

Since then life at sea is over, the Cinderella Story had ended and a new Horizon in Hawaii...


Maintenance Mechanic Welder Mortgage License Loan Officer  USA Pacific Mortgage of Honolulu
QUEENS MEDICAL CENTER License Certified Welding  Meg Arc Welding of Hawaii
Maintenance Worker 1 Web Master and Design  
Home and Work, after a hard day working, the only consolation of life is to be with your love one. Watch TV talk story. My wife seems to enjoy my presence even it's quite difficult to adopt the life as a married man.

 The freedom that I use to have vanished. There no more Good time. I was thinking if I had the right decision. Anyway it's worth trying. An experiment and we'll see what happen????

Dole Isle ways Pier 36 Honolulu Hawaii 1986

I was hired in the Pier 36 Honolulu Hawaii for Dole Isle ways to maintain and Repair Four Tug Boats and Six Cranes. Mechanical Electrical Hydraulic and Welding Repair. Passed the Welding Certification Test US ABS Q1 at Honolulu Shipyard Conducted by US Coast Guard and Hawaii Marine Welding Inspectors. Attended so many classes and training by the Company.

Working in the Pier is a man's Job, It requires physical strength skill and endurance.

Later that year my son was born and started a new life , A very responsible father and husband, Bought and Built a Home. Only that time in my life I learned to recognized what is love means. My whole life changes. Became the first teacher of my kids. The happy family bond grow stronger and happier as days pass by. 1991 When Dole decided  to close down for business and move to Philippines and Thailand. I tried to apply at the Queens medical Center as a Maintenance Welder. I was accepted that same period, Thanks God.

Diagnose and repair the modern electronic Hillrom advance 2000 and New Stryker Bed. I was send by the Hospital to Las Vegas Nevada, Training for the troubleshooting and repair of this particular bed. The Queens Medical Center is the largest Hospital in Hawaii. The Leader of the best Medical care Hawaii. Trauma and Heart Surgery and more. We have the most modern equipment and most reliable Doctors and Staff.
This is the roof Top on the 10'th Floor. This is where the Medivac landing. Because of strong wind the Army Helicopter landed on the side grills.

 I have to install and weld a new plate on the wing of the landing.

For safety reason the weld and plate should carry the weight of the Helicopter.

Amsco Surgical Table, Troubleshoot and Repair. Preventive maintenance is a key to a good equipment.
Fabricated this Stairs and Railing. It is located on the roof Top of Kinau to the Roof of Kamehameha . It is made  of heavy Checkered Plates then Galvanized after fabrication. It is a lifetime stair to be remembered.
I am testing the different function of the Bed after fixing.

1991- up to the Present

In the Hospital there's a lot of opportunity to learn more other things. Lots of Cross Training, Seminars and schooling to the Mainland and in Hawaii. I concentrated on Computers, Design and Repair at my own time. Until one day I found out that internet is a good way to make extra money and became my hobby.

 Now I am an old man with Two wonderful kids. My Family Photo 2004

    I remembered  where I came from. The poverty,...since then  I started giving help to the people and relatives back home.  I join some of Association in Hawaii, Giving every opportunity to help the needy till I decided to make this Homepage to better served and encourage my other kababayan to look back and share some of the Blessings. Graduation Party of my Children

 My travel to the world many many times made me learn that this Earth is so small. We shouldn't think of  differences of any other race and culture. We are all brothers. .Life is too short. WE HAVE TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


Thanks for visiting our website: Your Web Master,    Ricardo Mangrobang

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