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Date:   2/2/2007, 12:42 am, EST
Name:   Ric
Number:   77
Mayantoc Town Fiesta is coming soon. It is good for all the Mayantocquenians all over the world to know the future activities and highlights of the event. It will serve also like an invitation for everyone overseas. For those of you who happen to know the scope of the town fiesta please let us know. I would greatly appreciate if somebody sent us a copy of the program.

Date:   1/31/2007, 2:03 am, EST
Name:   Arnold G. Garma
Number:   76
To all generous mayantoquenians all over the world: Greetings to everyone who read this note! I would like to let you know that this coming March, on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of our beloved town, we the parishioners would again be coming up with a Souvenir Program, proceeds of which is for the improvements of the church building and other parochial projects. In behalf of the PPC officers, we are inviting you to advertise on this program. Following are the rates: whole page with pic - P2000; whole page - P1800; 1/2 page - 1500 (all of the above will have a copy of this program) If ever you are interested, please send me email so i can arrange with you. Thank you for your generousity. May peace, joy and love always remain with you.



Date:   1/30/2007, 4:38 am, EST
Name:   anthony p. velicaria
Number:   75



Date:   1/28/2007, 9:54 pm, EST
Name:   Crispin Agas
Number:   74
Greeting from to all the resident of Brgy Pitombayog, from the heart of Singapore..
I am proud of You All, to all our brgy Officials,and to my family out there..Ilove you all Agas and Lamorena Family...

crispin Agas


Date:   1/28/2007, 8:23 pm, EST
Name:   alejandro
Number:   73
hola a todos mis paisanos, nagragsacac laonay ta adda iti website tayo nga taga mayantoc,mis amigos esta muy feliz tambien, qui esta viendose en mayantoc y otras barrios, y saludo a todos

Date:   1/28/2007, 2:13 am, EST
Name:   Julius Naval
Number:   72
Hello to everyone! Keep up the good work!!!

Date:   1/27/2007, 1:13 am, EST
Name:   anthony p. velicaria
Number:   71
To all Mayantocquenians all over the world... GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!



Date:   1/27/2007, 12:41 am, EST
Name:   Jonnas Tomas
Number:   70
Yes Percy is my older brother. Along with 7 other brothers. Percy is living in San Diego.



Date:   1/26/2007, 1:17 am, EST
Number:   69

Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/26/2007, 9:39 am, EST

I am happy to hear from the Tomas. Are you related to Percy Tomas? He was my classmates in High School. Regards to all of your family.



Date:   1/22/2007, 5:21 pm, EST
Name:   Mavic
Number:   68
Dear Ric,
it is my pleasure to read your biography. You patiently strive your very best to get your high aiim goal of your life. I really thourough appreaciated your time and effort to go success. Your such a good Pinoy(Ilocano).I hope some of co-filipinos can read your biog. I hoping for your kind and honesty , just keep up this good work that your already been started. may god bless you and your family...from California,Bay area.


It's just a lot of patience and hard work
Thanks for visiting the site,

Date:   1/22/2007, 4:53 am, EST
Name:   billy tomas
Number:   67
kumusta kayo amin dita nga awan labas!! greetings from Monrovia, Liberia Africa.

Date:   1/21/2007, 4:02 pm, EST
Name:   mageline corpuz
Number:   66
hi,to all my townmates in mayantoc at sa lahat ng mga ka mag-anak ko saan man sulok ng the way im,the daughter of ernesto(miguel)candelario of pob.norte mayantoc.

Date:   1/19/2007, 3:31 am, EST
Name:   tony
Number:   65
thank you sir ric! Mayantoc Homepage keeping us very close though very far!

Date:   1/19/2007, 3:29 am, EST
Name:   tony
Number:   64
thank you sir ric!!!
Date:   1/19/2007, 12:00 am, EST
Name:   Erma Hazlyn Patricio Salmo-Garma
Number:   63
hello to all mayantoquenians all over the world.. maragsakanak ka makakita kadagiti message yo ditoy and i really salute the web master for this. To give you update Mayantoc people can now chat with you via internet meron na rin po tayo di na kailangang pumunta sa ibang bayan it is powered by smart bro. Kung gusto po ninyong makausap at makita ang mga relatives nyo sa webcam via internet pwede na po. Pag-uwi nyo makikita nyo na rin ang mga iba pang improvements in our town.A also want to congratulate the owners of the hidden paradise it's really a nice place hindi nakakasawang balik balikan.. Regards to all my relatives and to batch 84 mabuhay tayo...


I am happy to hear the availability of the web cam in our town. Thanks also for visiting the Hidden Paradise resort. Regards to your Husband, Your Parents and to your in laws. It's been too long since my childhood, they might not even remember me.
Regards also to all our kababayan there in Mayantoc.


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Date:   1/18/2007, 12:52 am, EST
Name:   Flo
Number:   62
Hi Uncle Ric,
Thanks for putting up the pictures of my graduation and for your presence during my graduation and party. The pictures came out great. Nice job on the website. I will talk to you soon.
Love, FLO

Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/18/2007, 1:14 am, EST

It is my great honor and pride to see you graduate as a nurse. I hope that you will soon go for your masters and become one of the Big Boss in your Facility one of this days in the future.


Date:   1/15/2007, 7:04 pm, EST
Name:   Mildred Salamanca Apostol
Number:   61
Hello to all my classmates from Mayantoc High School Batch 84 and to all my relatives in Pob. Norte, see you this coming fiesta.

Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/19/2007, 12:39 am, EST

Thanks for your entry in the Guestbook. The apostol family is our neighbor in sagsagat are you related to them? Say Regards to all of them.



Date:   1/11/2007, 11:59 pm, EST
Name:   Jiggy Bunao Bayocot
Number:   60

Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/19/2007, 12:35 am, EST

Thanks a lot for becoming a member of the Mayantocquenians International. We are so happy to hear news in that part of the world. From Singapore



Date:   1/10/2007, 10:07 pm, EST
Name:   anthony
Number:   59
Good day!
Sorry the pictures were not successfully sent last Jan 8. I'll be sending them as attachments to the e-ad of Master Ric.
Thank you!

Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/10/2007, 11:32 pm, EST

Thanks for the pictures it will be up tomorrow. Thanks also for being close to my sister Family and the people of PLQ

Regards to your family,

Date:   1/10/2007, 3:55 am, EST
Name:   Pamela Yu
Number:   58
I would like to thank the owner of Hidden Paradise for being so nice. The serenity of the place is superb. KUDOS ALSO TO THE PEOPLE OF PITMBAYOG for your nice and memorable FIESTA.

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Reply written by Mayantoc Homepage at 1/10/2007, 9:51 am, EST

Thanks for the visit. Please come back the place is still growing and there's a lot of work more in the way. Aloha and Mahalo for your time


Date:   1/10/2007, 3:51 am, EST
Name:   joey galvez
Number:   57
I would like to thank the people of Pitombayog for their hospitality during their brgy. fiesta last Dec 27-28. guys youre all great. Nice orchestra huh. see you again next year