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Fishing at Oceanside California USA.mp4  If you love fishing, you don't need to have anything else. You've already got the complete fun. If you don't , it doesn't matter much what else you have, cause you've missed the best of your life.



Mayantoc Association Picnic July 31, 2010 .mp4 The Picnic is Wonderful.

   We come to see our Loving Town mates. You come to see not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person Perfectly. To see others happy is to receive a glimpse of Heaven. The joy and love you've share to our kababayan and be loved in return. Love is not a matter of counting the years and money but making the counting worthy . Once in a while, right in the middle of our ordinary life, loves gives us a fairy tail. Our togetherness provides the meaning of life and art and joy seeing others.

Phillip Santos Graduation Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.mp4Phillip Santos Graduation Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.mp4

Kerry's Graduation Day June 6, 2010 Masters Degree.mp4Kerry's Graduation Day June 6, 2010 Masters Degree.mp4

Belen's Baby Birthday Party.mp4Belen's Baby Birthday Party.mp4

Philippine Consulate General in Hawaii Tarlac Associations  Get Together.mp4Philippine Consulate General in Hawaii Tarlac Associations

Mayantoc Association of Hawaii Feb 2010 Fundraising Event Honolulu Hawaii.mp4 Mayantoc Association Of Hawaii Fund Raising for the Aloha Medical Mission

Greetings From Hawaii


Melanie's House Warming Party 1.mp4 Melanie's House Warming


Mayantoc Association of Hawaii Christmas Party 2009.mp4

The Mayantoc Association of Hawaii Christmas Party. December 5,2009 Ala Moana Hotel Honolulu Hawaii


  Mayantoc Association Labor Day Summer Fun

The Mayantoc Association of Hawaii was having a very happy Summer Picnic Fun. It was a very beautiful day in Hawaii. Then suddenly a big rain came. Then the sunshine follows making the day more beautiful than ever.

Mayantoc has a very beautiful natural beauty. The rivers and beautiful mountains is the jewel of the town.In this video the Mayor of Mayantoc is asking help and funding from the higher goverment of Tarlac for the development of this very beautiful projects. Thru this channel we the people of Mayantoc wish that somehow one of the higher up official of Tarlac Province will somehow extend there hands and power to help the Municipality of Mayantoc with all this projects.

This video show you the untouch virgin Rain Forest of Mayantoc. It's beautiful Rivers and Mountains where it's the only place in the Philippines where you can find the different species of plants and animals in the wild.


Mayantoc my Home my Love

Homesickness made me produced this Video. Most of the pictures was send by our town mates from Philippines, Europe, United States and other part of the world. Music is Bayan Ko by Fredie Aguilar and Sa Iyong Pagbabalik by: Eddie Peregrina.

History of the Hidden paradise Resort

History of the Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc, TarlacWelcome to the Hidden Paradise Resort and Recreation Center. It's now over 20 years since the Resort started from a very primitive start to a very beautiful place of fun and happiness. A place where you can celebrate your Birthday, Wedding, Seminars, Meeting, Camping, Picnic and other kind of occasion and any especial event.

   To all the Balikbayans around the world, please come and witness the growing of the Hidden Paradise Resort. We are still very small at this time yet with your very prestigious visit it will inspire us to grow and just may be next time you come back you will love the place even more.  

It was Renamed by Ric Mangrobang 2005, It was originally the "Mangrobang Cabungan


It was a very good sunny day in Hawaii when the Around the Island convoy of the Mayantoc Association of Hawaii gathered together at the Dole Cannery where the Tour started. A total of 12 Cars and Vans. I don't even remember how many people, there's lot of us, the happiness of everyone's smile and laughter is painted in my brain like a very colorful rainbow full of excitement, dreams and unforgettable memories.

Welcome and Aloha to Honorable Mayor Tito Razalan of Mayantoc. Hawaii USA November 2008 To his daughter Venus, who is also a Kagawad of our beloved Town Mayantoc, Welcome and Aloha to both of you. The Fantastic Welcome Party at Jim Lanuza's Residence at Kapolei. It was a very big happy celebration with lots of foods and drinks. A time to remember and cherish. There a lot's of our Kababayan showed up. It was a tremendous show of love and fellowship to all our kababayan. The Mayantoc people of Hawaii are so blessed and happy for there visit. There will be more pictures coming. Abangan and mga ibang kabanata nang mga activities. Salamat and Aloha!!!!!

This Video Slides of Chona was taken in Hawaii. January 25,2009 from Ric and Mercy's house to Pali look out, the around the Island of Oahu. It's a very Windy but Sunny Sunday . Chona was a tourist in Hawaii for about a month. She is going back home to the Philippines on the 31'st of January 2009. She will be back again to Hawaii on Christmas.

This was taken at the Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc. Topher and Lea's wedding.

Christopher is the son of my Sister Cita Mangrobamng Cabungan

Christopher Mangrobang Cabungan and Leah Cadelario Wedding at the Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc. Topher is the second to the Eldest son of my sister Cita Mangrobang. The Cabungan are formerly form Anda Pangasinan. Jess my brother in law is married to my sister. The whole Mangrobang family is now living in USA and only my eldest sister and family is left back home for wedding.

As one of the more than 900 graduates Melanie recieved her masters in Business Administration with a great honor of Distinction. Melanie Graduated her Bachelors degree in Washington. Employed with The Queens Medical Heart Center as full time , Melanie also go School to Pursue her higher education. Congratulations Melanie. You have done a wonderful Job. Melanie is a straight A student since High School up to College, A's all the way. We are very proud of you.

Melanie Graduated her Bachelors Degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound in Washington and just finished her Masters Degree in Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University. She is very succesful in her studies so as her work. Congratulations Melanie.


This video is about the Hard Work of the unsung Heroes of the Queens Medical Center, Maintenance Department. After the renovation it follws the touch down of the Evergreen Medevac.



Medivac Emergency in Hawaii The slide show contains the views around Honolulu and the people who work very hard in this project. The beginning and final view . There are so many unsung heroes who contributed in the accomplishment of this project. The exceptional showmanship of great skill and teamwork reach the climax of a dream the very beautiful HELIPAD of The Queens Medical Center. This is the second version of the video.

The slide show contains the views around Honolulu and the people who work very hard in this project. The beginning and final view . There are so many unsung heroes who contributed in the accomplishment of this project. The exceptional showmanship of great skill and teamwork reach the climax of a dream the very beautiful HELIPAD of The Queens Medical Center

This video pictures portrays the strugle of life. From the very poor country side of Mayantoc to the school at Manila graduated and start to travel around the World as a Merchant Mariner after graduation. Most of the pictures are taken from Philippines, Europe, Russia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, America,Hawaii and other places.

Homesickness drive me to create this video. It's a mix shots of all over Mayantoc, Philippines and from the townmates all over the world.



Just a simple Family Birthday Party of Four. Ric Mercy Melanie and Christian. It's a very siple dinner but full of love compassion and understanding. Christian is also working hard in Aloha Stadium. I like him taste the hardwork so that when he finished his Engineerin degree and became a Boss of a Big firm he understand the life and feeling of workers in the bottom.


This pictures are the happy Fund raising event during the Labor day Holiday in Hawaii


Almost time to go nagbabalot na ang mga tao


Francine Gutierrez Baptismal Birthday party


Schooling at Detroit Michigan

Schooling at MichiganPrior to buying automatic doors for the Queens Medical Center some Technicians and Engineers were send to the factory to evaluate the manufacture and Construction of the "Total Door" Automatic Doors. It was a very good experience, the hospitality was great.  We like the food, hotel and hospitality. I did not like the door myself.


The Hidden Paradise resort of Mayantoc. The best Resort in the Province of Tarlac at this time. Come and visit us for the summer. Go to wwww.mayantoc.com to see the road map and other information,

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