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  in Progress 5/2/2008
  in Progress 5/2/2008
   Red with * updated Information 7/01/2011

Prevention and causes of bed alarm Failure.

  1. Make sure the Scale of the bed is working properly. I Bed alarm rely on the Scale weight movement. If there is a problem of the scale alarm will not work properly.
  2. Our Stryker bed comprises of so many confusing wires and cables. Power cord for the Bed. Power cord for the mattress Xpert and Clinidyne. Communication cable from the Splitter if  it's not connected to the bed. Nurse call does not work. Make sure that the pendant cable (A) and bed cable (B) to the bed is both secured to the wall.
  1. If the bed is change to any other bed except Stryker. Staff must plug the provided dummy plug to the plug that supposes to go to the bed to make the circuit close. Failure to connect them together call light and alarm does not work.
  1. From the time alarm is activated on the bed it takes about 1 to 2 seconds to appear on the monitor in the nurse’s station. Every other room is not the same.


   Photos  that we always find as the most common problems of alarms failure.

This are the most common issues that we see during our routine check up of our beds ON 6/2011. The cable going to the bed is hanging on top of the splitter it's not connected to the bed.

 The other most common reason is....When the "nurse call pendant" was requested for repair, The person doing the replacement do not care to secure back the cable. If the cable is not secured to the wall. The tendency of the splitter harness becomes loose causing an alarm failure, staff will call back then they put wedge in between the splitter to make a good contact. It will solved the problem temporarily but it will create a bigger problem later.

 If the cable to the Pendant keeps moving again the harness becomes very loose. As a result a the whole alarm system is short circuited and therefore we need to replaced the Splitter, the Nurse Call Pendant in some cases it will effect the Board in the Bed Scale.

 Everything could be prevented with the Cooperation and implementation of correct usage from the user of the Bed and the person trying to fixed the communication who most likely is causing a bigger part of the failure because of lack of enthusiasm  to bring screw driver to put back the secured clips to the wall.




PM Checklist of all QMC Equipment: The link below are the recommended procedure checklist given by the manufacturers from every equipment manual. The checklist procedure is copied exactly, however the hard copy of the Preventive Maintenance and Performance Log was modified to a more effective way to our troubleshooting needs.

1, PM Checklist for Stryker Bed with Zoom    

2, PM Checklist for Stryker Bed Med/Surg No Zoom 

3, PM Checklist Stryker Stretcher Model SM 204 

4, PM Checklist Transport Stryker Stretcher Model ST 104

5, PM Checklist Affinity Birthing Bed

6, PM Checklist OB GYN Stretcher

7, PM Checklist Hillrom Model 1130, 1135

8, PM Hillrom Transtar Stretcher

9, PM Checklist Midmark Exam Tables

10, PM Checklist Ritter Exam Tables

11, PM Checklist Amsco Surgical Tables

12, PM Checklist  OSI Fracture Tables

13, PM Checklist Steris Eye Gurney

14, PM Checklist Hill Adjustable Exam Table

15, PM Checklist Hausman Exam table

 (Stryker Stretchers )




Stryker Repair Scene Video Slides


Courtesy of: Ric Mangrobang

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