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Business Adventure

What I have learned from my Mother?    It helps me so much during this sluggish economy .

Work to make money,

When you have some Money,

Then make your money work for you.

  I brought my Father and Mother in USA 1989. What really amazed me is how could my mother manage to bought two homes at her ages with a salary just over minimum. My Mother was over 50 years old when she arrived in USA. With in 10 to 15 years time, She bought two homes. Me!!  I was contented with one and with a mortgage to pay monthly. My mom never had a mortgage to pay because she bought her two homes in Cash. Now she is retired receiving her small monthly pension ( undisclosed amount) plus $875.00 rent of one of her rental home.

 She don't have to have a lot of money to do it. Just sometimes the right timing. Remember A liquid cash is very powerful it has a bargaining power. She bought her first home for $US15,000.00 only. Now the home worth ten times more the original value. Don't wait if you have a chance, grab it because a good opportunity come only once.

 Her example made us all learned business. It was not really intended this way in the beginning just a place to live. The good outcome made us follow her path. Then. I, my brother and sister bought several homes. I was little bit late but it's better to be late than never. My goal is to buy at least four homes this year, I am on a rush even this homes already cost more.

  Make your work a hobby so that you won't fell tired and exhausted, instead you fell happy and energetic all the time. Sometimes others junk is somebody's treasure. It's just a matter of identifying this items.

 After whole day of work at the Medical Center, I go home and relax in front of my computer. While relaxing I count how much I caught in my net for the day. It's very rewarding you will never get bored. Sometimes Zero or Steady but it's okay sometimes you are not lucky for one day but tomorrow your net is full. Just believe on yourself be a positive thinker. It is not like gambling because you will never lost your money at all in this game.

  Another way to make your money is Relaxing. You think is Bull but not at all try "Real State". Below are our few several Rental Homes in California. We bought this homes to help others with a very affordable rent. The community is very quite and very peaceful. It's mostly two  Bedroom with extra California Room for visitors. Very close to Albertson Shopping Center, Police Station, Fire department. Five Minutes Drive to the Fishing Ground about 20-30 minutes to the Casinos.


 My Hobby!!!!

Welcome to the Paradise-Collection Store   Member is a PowerSeller 


This is just a Hobby: "Commercial  muna tayo !!! " Home of Hawaiian Designer Aloha Shirt "

       Selling in the internet around the World is very good honest hobby. To reach and trade to unknown places and unknown people gives  thrill and excitement. The two stores is always open everyday, every night and holidays. While at work or asleep, that's the beauty of this leisure. Just like laying a net in the big ocean. Honesty is my bait, a treasure that keeps my standing as a " Member is a PowerSeller ". Items are described  with specific words and pictures. That's the secrete why my buyers keep coming back, It is the magic of  Aloha, Honesty and the guaranteed satisfaction we offer to every transaction. See Feedback from my Previous ebay Buyers 

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           We have two store branches available online one with ebay and the other is our Main online Store. www.paradise-collection.com . The most reliable and most honest supplier and retailer of designer Hawaiian Aloha Shirt. Every transaction is Satisfaction Guaranteed a 100% refund of all your money if you feel you are not happy and satisfied with the item. See some Feedback from my Previous Main Store Buyer:

                                 "Customer satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal"        

Some of the profit is used to help the Kids in the third World Countries.                                                                 Ric Mangrobang Scholarship Foundation

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It's a hobby . "The Thrill " Like the Star Trek Enterprise, to explore the unknown, A science fiction , A dream that somehow initiated me to trade to most part of the world. Always active while  working, playing or sleeping. That's the beauty of this game it is always open. Just like laying a fishing net in a big ocean.  Ric Mangroban

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