PM Stryker Bed Med/ Surg


 All Fasteners Secure


 Engage brake pedal and push on the frame to ensure all casters lock properly


 Engage drive wheels and ensure it's operating properly


 Motion release switches working properly


 Confirm head end Control Functionality


 Side rails moves, latch and stow properly


 All Functions on side rails working properly ( including Leds)


 CPR Release working Properly


 Optional Foot Prop intact and working Properly


 I.V. pole working Properly


 Foley Bags intact


 Chart rack intact and working properly


 CPR board not cracked or damages and stores properly


 No cracks or splits in head and foot board


 All functions in Footboard is working Properly including Led's


 No rips or crack on mattress cover


 Scale and Bed Exit alarm is working properly


 Power cord not Frayed


 No cables worn or Pinched


 All electrical connections are tight


 All grounds secure to the frame


 Ground impedance not more than 100 milliohms


 Current leakage not more than 300 microamps


 Apply grease to liter grease points


 Ensure Ground chains are clean, intact and have at least two links touching the floor


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 Model Number

Serial Number


C= Clean O= Okey
A=Adjust L= Lube
R= Repair or Replaced NA=Not Applicable

By; Ric Mangrobang