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Mayantoc Town Fiesta

   The Mayantoc town fiesta basically an annual celebration on patron saints of the local Catholic Church. But put that on the side it a celebration for everyone. Even people from other religion join in the festivities of a town fiesta. The streets are decorated and hang streamers from every lamppost. Food is served on almost every house.

The Fiesta dates from March 18-23 but the celebration starts weeks before the main events. It starts with the Carnival during the Christmas Season near the market place. The flea market at the plaza where you can by from t-shirts, toys, accessories and not to mention the street foods. The Amateur Singing Contest, where anyone can sing at the stage and sing. The songs are from local music and international artist. They have also Group Dance Competition, dance to the night. And o add that they have some gambling booths around as well if youíre feeling lucky.

    Now the main dates from above is the main attraction. The first day is when every one feast with a lot of food. Families been visited from distant relatives, guest and people just happen to be around and eat at their hearts content. Oh to explain, if your happen to be outside someoneís house you can tell them that your their to witness the festivities and ask to if you can join them. The next day will early in the morning their will be a parade, that will end till noon. Itís mostly compost of school bands showing of their drum and lyre (xylophone) skills with majorettes whirling their batons and flags. And also professional bands, from local to other ones from the country, show off their stuff as well. And in the afternoon they will have an expedition at the plaza as well. The third day is just a time to relax from all the festivities, but is doesnít stop there.

Even the night time even before the main dates is more entertaining than ever. The Mayantoc Beauty Pageant. There's a lot of Balikbayan during this time of year.

                                 Mayantoc Beauty Contestant 2010

Candidate No.1 Jer-C Klyde C. Dacayanan Represented by; Gossood,Nambalan, San Bartolome,Binbinaca, Gayong-Gayong

Cadidate No.2 leovel Halili Represented by: Poblacion Sur, Rotrottooc, Taldiapan, Mapandan

Candidate No.3 Mary Christine C. Reguine Represented by: Ponlacion Norte, Ambalingit, Baybayoas, cubcub

Candidate No.4 Kharen Bedania Represented by: San Jose, Caocaoyan, Caraboan, Maniniog, Labney

Candidate No.5 Maricel Petero represented by: Pedro L. Quines, Mamonit, Mekencio Manganaan, Bigbiga, Pitombayog

                                    Coronation Night

Mayantoc Beauty Pageant 2009

2009 Miss Mayantoc

Marie Cris Dizon Balisides

Birthday  May 27, 1990

Height  5'6"

School: Tarlac College of Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Nikka Santos Orio 

     1'St Princes

Birthday May 4, 1993

Height 5'7"

Pob. Norte Mayantoc Tarlac

School Tarlac College of Agriculture

Course Laboratory High School


Maria Gladys Doctor Pablo

      2'nd Princess

Birthday : July 7, 1989

Height 5'4"

Barangay Baybayoaos Mayantoc Tarlac

School  Tarlac State University

B.S. in Education Major in English


Dhessa Lagrimas Ugtu

    Miss Prosperity

Birthday October 27, 1978

Height  5'3"

Barangay Taldiapan Mayantoc Tarlac

Philippine Women's University

Hotel and Restaurant Management


Katrina Balagso Bagorio

       Miss Peace

Birthday: October 7, 1989

Height  5' 7"

Barangay Pedro L. Quines Mayantoc Tarlac

Tarlac State University

BSBA- Financial Management Accounting




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